Service TypeTimeLocation
Kids ChurchSunday @ First Service-9:45 am, Second Service- 11:15 amA-4, DDA Flats, Kalkaji New Delhi-19
Hindi/English Bilingual ServiceSunday @ First Service-9:30 am, Second Service- 11:15 amHaveli Banquet Hall, near Pooja Masala Store, Govindpuri, Kalkaji, New Delhi-19
Nepali ServiceSunday @ 8:30 am to 10:00 amA-4, DDA Flats, Kalkaji New Delhi-19
Malayalam ServiceSunday @ 10:00 am to 11:30 amA-5, DDA Flats, Kalkaji New Delhi-19
Bodo Language ServiceFor more info, pls contact us
Hindi ServiceSunday @ 10 am to 12 pmE-99/6 Ratiya Marg Sangam Vihar New Delhi-80
Hindi ServiceSunday @ 10 am to 12 pmMadanpur Khadar New Delhi
180° Carmel Youth ServiceFor more info, pls contact us
Weekly Fasting PrayerFriday @ 10 am to 12 pmA-4, DDA Flats, Kalkaji New Delhi-19
Tuesdays Bible StudyFor more info, pls contact us
Tamil FellowshipFor more info, pls contact us
Women's MinistryEvery 2nd Saturday @ 10 amA-4, DDA Flats, Kalkaji New Delhi-19

About Our Pastor

Rev. Koshy Baby & Dr. Joicy Koshy

At age 18, lying on my deathbed and as a battle for life was going on; little did I realize that He was setting me apart for His ministry.  God miraculously raised me from a sick bed and burned in my young heart, a fire and desire, to reach the nation of India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Lord was preparing me for His Ministry by taking me from my hometown in Kerala to the most challenging Western state in India – Maharashtra.  This was a place where the Good News of our Loving Savior had never reached.  In a couple of years, through tearful prayers and Faith in the Almighty, the Lord brought about revival in seven villages.

Having completed my studies at The Southern Asia Bible College in Bangalore, I waited on the Lord to guide me in my future endeavor.  Around this time, the Lord placed in my heart the city of New Delhi.   Little did I then know this capital city of India comprising of 17 million people would be the place where my life would be changed forever.

God was about to change my heart forever.  One morning, as I was getting ready to go to teach at a local Bible College, a mother knocked my door, sobbing bitterly.  She and her family lived in a slum dwelling near us.  With tears she started sharing with me her heart-breaking story.

Her drug addict husband had just sold their 12 year old daughter to a pimp for Rs.20,000.00 (US $ 500) to buy more drugs.  My heart was shattered.  How could this be ? I saw the mother’s pain and hopelessness in her eyes.

In dismay, I began to cry out to the Lord.  My heart’s desire was that I would be a ray of hope and portrays the Love of Christ for those living in sin, poverty and oppression.  From that day onwards, I resolved to rescue the perishing souls of New Delhi.  This life-changing encounter with a broken mother birthed the Ministry to the slum dwellers of New Delhi.

At the age of 10, I had a severe rheumatic heart problem and the doctors have given up hope on me. My father, who came to North India as a missionary from Kerala in 1954, was in a different city at that time. He rushed in to see me and prayed that, if my life was spared, he would commit me for God’s ministry. God healed me completely and helped me to complete my M.Phil and then my Ph.D. in Economics. Then the Lord brought me to New Delhi after my wedding with Pastor Koshy. The Lord has miraculously led us to this ministry to the less fortunate children in the slums and to millions of perishing souls in the capital city of India. Today we are so grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness and all of our partners for their generous giving in touching more than 2000 children from 8 different slums Centers and ministering to many hundreds on Sundays in 8 different languages. It is God’s doing and marvelous to our eyes!


Pastor Koshy and  Joicy Koshy, both born in Kerala, are missionaries to the national capital city of New Delhi.  God brought them together in a iraculous way and they were married on December 14, 1995.  God is using them as a great team to touch the thousands of India with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Koshy Baby has a Bachelors of Divinity from Southern Asia Bible College in Bangalore; one of the prestigious Seminaries of Southern Asia.  He also has a Masters in Art with majors in Sociology and a Masters in Theology from Westminster College, Oxford University, UK.   Pastor Koshy Baby is the Senior Pastor of CC Church and President of Carmel Ministries.

Joicy Koshy has a Ph.D. in Economics and she serves as the Administrator of CC Church and Ministries.

They are blessed with three children Pratima (their adopted daughter), George and Alan.

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