Service TypeTimeLocation
Kids ChurchSunday @ First Service-9:45 am, Second Service- 11:15 amA-4, DDA Flats, Kalkaji New Delhi-19
Hindi/English Bilingual ServiceSunday @ First Service-9:30 am, Second Service- 11:15 amHaveli Banquet Hall, near Pooja Masala Store, Govindpuri, Kalkaji, New Delhi-19
Nepali ServiceSunday @ 8:30 am to 10:00 amA-4, DDA Flats, Kalkaji New Delhi-19
Malayalam ServiceSunday @ 10:00 am to 11:30 amA-5, DDA Flats, Kalkaji New Delhi-19
Bodo Language ServiceFor more info, pls contact us
Hindi ServiceSunday @ 10 am to 12 pmE-99/6 Ratiya Marg Sangam Vihar New Delhi-80
Hindi ServiceSunday @ 10 am to 12 pmMadanpur Khadar New Delhi
180° Carmel Youth ServiceFor more info, pls contact us
Weekly Fasting PrayerFriday @ 10 am to 12 pmA-4, DDA Flats, Kalkaji New Delhi-19
Tuesdays Bible StudyFor more info, pls contact us
Tamil FellowshipFor more info, pls contact us
Women's MinistryEvery 2nd Saturday @ 10 amA-4, DDA Flats, Kalkaji New Delhi-19

F. A. Q.

Kindly email or contact us, if you have any questions..

I am not a Christian. Can I attend a church service?

Sure! Our Church Services are open to all people. We will make you feel quite at home. Most people who come for the first time are really happy to be there and want to come back.

Do you convert people? I want to attend your meetings but I don't want to change my religion.
We do not convert anyone nor do we believe that people can be forcibly converted. Only God can change the hearts of people. We share what God has done for us and we tell people the good news – that Jesus Christ came to show us the way to God. If you believe in Jesus and His work for you on the Cross, you can have a new life. Warning: Your life could be radically transformed by being with us!
I want to join your church. How can I become a member?

First, you must have come to the knowledge and conviction that Jesus Christ is your Saviour and the only way to God. After turning from your old life (repenting) and accepting Jesus as your Lord, you will be born-again as a new creation. You will then be asked to join a cell group that meets during the week where you will be given further instruction in the faith. You can then become a member of the church.

What is a Cell Group?

A cell group is a small group (3-15 members) that meets together regularly for fellowship, prayer, worship and teaching. It is your primary church where you learn to live out your faith. Your cell leader is like your spiritual leader who is in turn submitted under a pastor or leader. We are a cell church and all are encouraged to be members of cell groups.

I have a great need in my life. How can you help me?

We are here to take time to hear you out. We will take your need in prayer to God and ask Him to help us. We have seen God answer many big and small prayers. He is a great God and He loves you very much. You can share your prayer need with us at the top of the page in the Prayer Room.

I want to serve in the church. How can I do that?

As you become part of a cell-group, your gifts will be discovered. Your cell leader will encourage you to function in your gifting (administration, teaching, serving, music, prayer, etc.).

I want to donate money. How do I do that?

You can give by cash or cheque during the Offering time at the Church Services. If you are a member and giving your tithes (one tenth of your income) you can do so in the special Tithe Envelopes. Designated offerings are given through the Special Offering envelopes. Contact us: for further information on giving.

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